Al Jawhara Jewellers journey in this particular industry all began when our founding father Mr.Abdulla Al Fares began his venture in the pearl trade industry in 1880. Ever since has been one of the most successful pearl dealers and experts in picking the best of pearls to sell them all over the GCC. Mr.Abdulla had three sons, Hamad, Mohammed, & Faisal. He taught them everything he knew about the pearl trade and how to be successful in running this business in a competitive field. After passing his teachings down to his sons, Mr.Faisal his youngest became one of the first jewelers who bought Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, and sapphires into Kuwait’s market when people at that time had less knowledge of what are those gems were and how valuable they are. With time people began noticing Mr.Faisal as the leader in Gemstones and became loyal clients to his store all of the GCC, not only because he sold diamonds but because he became the leading manufacturing workshop for jewels and pearls in the GCC for his extraordinary work, neat finishing as well as complete honestly with his clients who have passed down to their children their traditions visiting AlJawhara Jewellers. When a client is interested in purchasing we’ll enlighten our clients about that piece and the options available and guarantee its best diamond that fits the range of budget the client has given us. At AlJawhara Jewellers we perceive jewels as a piece of art, just like selling bespoke art pieces, we sell, create bespoke pieces as well. Today we are still the leading workshop in Kuwait for jewels. Our creative jeweler experts in our workshop create high-end jewelry, our diamonds experts choose the highest grade of diamonds to guarantee the best results of manufacturing. We take our time adequately to understand and envision our client’s needs and ideas to create their piece to reach beyond their satisfaction. We are truly humbled and proud to carry the name Al Fares, known for jewels and part trade history. Today, we look forward to carrying this legacy and passing it down generation by generation.

– Mr.Faisal Abdulla Al Fares’s Sons.